Industrial applications on cloud manufacturing: Plex Manufacturing Cloud

Industrial applications on cloud manufacturing (developed by Plex Systems)

  • Product and Program
  • Inventory Management
  • Production Management
  • Quality Management

Detailed Information

Product and Program

Align customer demand, engineering and production using real-time data and consistent, repeatable processes.

  • Securely access customer requirements and documentation, synchronized across production operations so that all team members can make decisions with confidence.
  • Track and respond to changes faster. With centralized revision control, changes to process instructions, specifications, control plans, sourcing and other critical information are made in one place and instantly reflected everywhere so your cross-functional teams.
  • Manage cost and quality with real-time access to detailed data accessible from the shop floor or from anywhere in the organization.
  • Drive process standardization and continuous improvement. Maintain visibility of program progress with the ability to easily track and report on tasks, schedules and production

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Inventory Management

Cloud-based inventory management systems help you manage your inventory in real-time with high-resolution genealogy and traceability.

  • Keep an automatic, high-resolution “paper trail” of all your transactions and activities.
  • Track your tooling, gages and supply items, with check-in/check-out and scanning to record which tools produced which product and when.
  • Streamline your shipping and receiving with barcode scanning and automatically capture incremental information at each point of production.
  • Split and merge your inventory while maintaining accurate product genealogy and traceability — coil slitting, mixed supplier lots, heat and chemistry control, and more.
  • Enable future analysis with upstream and downstream genealogy, including very specific information about your inventory (e.g., lot and heat data).
  • Enjoy mistake-proof, real-time precision through fully integrated barcode printing and scanning.
  • Generate labels using pre-formatted templates that are automatically applied based on part or destination.
  • Know the truth about what you have in-house at any time — from receipt to work-in-process to shipment.

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Production Management

Make the right quantity of the right products at the right time with improved productivity.

  • Reduce errors and improve quality with direct connectivity to shop floor automation.
  • Enable operators to resolve production issues in real time for greater productivity.
  • Leverage a unique, touchscreen Control Panel for capturing production, maintenance and tooling data.
  • Access production data from anywhere using mobile devices through SmartPlex.

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Quality Management

Win your customers’ loyalty with increased process repeatability and predictability using integrated variation and defect reduction tools within the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

  • Reduce your cost of quality and risk of warranty issues or recalls by making quality management integral to your ERP system.
  • Go paperless with electronic checksheets that validate quality and process control in real time.
  • Satisfy requirements through the production part approval process (PPAP) module integrated with Audit and Checklist modules.
  • Achieve and retain quality certifications with best-in-class functions providing auditors with instant access to evidence of compliance.
  • Improve supplier performance and overall efficiency through increased visibility and tighter tracking of your supply chain.
  • Collaborate with suppliers through the Plex Supplier Portal to address corrective actions within the Problem Control module.
  • Ensure quality data is synchronized throughout the enterprise, where all documentation is instantly and dynamically updated everywhere it’s used or displayed.
  • Manage your supplier certifications with scorecards, and give auditors instant access to required documentation.

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